Space Needs Analysis

A space needs analysis begins with the identification of an institution’s unique space needs at the existing enrollment level and concludes with a forecast of future space needs. Achieving the right balance of space in a continuously evolving environment such as a university or college campus requires a highly collaborative effort that displays strong attention to detail. The approach used by Paulien & Associates can be adapted to the college, school, or departmental level and it focuses on the following:

Data Analysis
Accurate information is the cornerstone of a space needs analysis. Your consultant will gather data on enrollment, courses, staffing, and facilities to evaluate classroom utilization, including hours per week usage and student occupancy rates. Once existing space needs have been clearly established, your consultant will prepare a forecast of future space needs.

Learning & Instruction
Because new practices in the classroom and laboratory can impact space guidelines, our planning consultants stay current with the latest trends to better gauge their effect on space requirements, whether it be for classrooms, laboratories, office space, or any of the other space categories we analyze.

Campus Input
Touring the campus and meeting with academic and administrative leaders affords your consultant an understanding of strategic goals, personnel issues, support services, functional space needs, and institution-wide planning issues.

To help us discover where you can expect to have a surplus or deficit of space in future years, Paulien & Associates develops, maintains, and applies powerful tools that include computer applications, databases, and our own extensive experience in space analysis.

Since institutions identify their space needs by standard categories, Paulien & Associates has developed models that analyze space needs for classrooms, teaching laboratories, open laboratories, research laboratories, academic office space, administrative office space, libraries, and athletic space.

Space Needs Analysis for Master Planning
Paulien & Associates has earned a widely recognized reputation for its work in master planning. We have partnered with some of the country’s most prestigious architectural firms and are continually developing new resources that will allow us to better serve institutions of higher education with their planning activities.

Our campus-wide space needs analysis for master plans begins by assessing existing space needs and collecting other relevant information. We then arrive at a physical space forecast for future needs.