Program Planning

Good program planning must be responsive to the specific functional requirements of the academic occupants. Our firm accomplishes this through a detailed process that focuses on the unique academic and research needs of our clients.

To initiate this pre-design service which centers on identifying building and user requirements, your consultant will gather information on program objectives, enrollment, courses, and staffing. Visits to the campus will also be arranged to ensure that your consultant understands program objectives, functional space needs, and key planning issues. Additional topics for work sessions may include teaching and learning paradigms or, perhaps, new trends in research because these, too, can generate additional space needs.

Once your consultant has established the initial space needs for the program to serve the targeted enrollment mix and projected staffing data, a detailed outline of space requirements will be developed. Findings will be documented in assignable square feet and categorized by major space types. Any desirable space clustering or adjacencies will also be identified.

Depending on the scope that is selected, detailed room characteristics, project implementation budgets, and instructions to the architect regarding relevant codes and campus-specific requirements may also be included.