Our Experienced Team of Consultants

Results are at the core of our firm’s reputation. Our consultants bring objectivity and knowledge of academic environments to their studies and reports. They are familiar with the complexities of establishing integrated yet functional academic spaces and are able to provide institutions with a comprehensive view of the issues through detailed analysis, clear strategies, and unbiased solutions. With professional backgrounds in facilities planning, academic administration, project management and architecture, our consultants apply their unique skills and insights to instructional space challenges, empowering institutions to realize their mission.


Paul Leef
Executive Vice President
and Principal

Frank A. Markley, Ph.D.
Vice President

Kate Herbolsheimer
Vice President

Marty Mahler
Assistant Principal

Brian Recko
Senior Associate

Steven Schonberger
Senior Associate

Nicola Donaven
Planning Analyst

Mary Griffin
Planning Specialist

Sean Krummrich
Senior Software Specialist

Jennifer Bowdry
Senior Marketing/Project Specialist

John R. Bengston
Principal Emeritus