Benchmarking Studies

In an age when institutions are being held to ever-increasing levels of accountability for the utilization of their assets, benchmarking serves as a solid foundation for decision makers. Based on information from peer and/or aspirant institutions, benchmarking examines key indicators which allow a comparative view of facilities and other metrics with those of other campuses.

The Paulien & Associates’ approach to benchmarking focuses on the following:

Data Compilation
Institutions typically choose from six to 12 peer institutions to be contacted and surveyed. Frequent communication with the target institutions is utilized by your consultant to secure the requested information.

Comparative Analysis
Upon receiving data from the participating institutions, your consultant will correlate it to the results of the space survey and calculate square footage per FTE student and FTE or full-time faculty by major categories. All space will be calculated in assignable square feet (ASF). Once the space survey has concluded with your specific comparisons to the benchmark data, your consultant will forward a copy to all of the institutions that have agreed to participate in the study.

Non-Facilities Benchmarking
Some studies include a variety of non-facility benchmarks that measure performance indicators of academic reputation and achievement. These include factors involving research, academic publications, library holdings, and fundraising.

Results Report
Besides incorporating the unique elements requested by the sponsoring institution, your consultant will report the results to all of the participating institutions as an incentive to secure their participation.

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