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Space Efficiency Studies

Utilization Studies for Classrooms and Teaching Labs
Analyzes how existing instructional space is being used

Utilization Studies for Non-Credit Activity Space
Determines appropriate guidelines for spaces where traditional planning metrics do not apply

Utilization Studies for Office Space
Evaluates office space by various metrics and methodologies to determine needs and opportunities

Space Needs Analysis
Determines how much of each type of space is needed through application of space metrics

Space Reallocation and Migration Studies
Identifies how a campus can be more functional through consolidation or relocation of programs and services

Multi-Campus Program Migration Studies
Determines ideal locations for specific academic programs in a multi-campus system

Classroom Mix Analysis
Determines if the quantity of classrooms by size and type meets current and projected campus pedagogy

Research Lab Analysis
Evaluates research lab productivity and identifies space and policy opportunities and needs


Facilities Programming and Planning

Program Planning
Determines the essential building blocks for future projects through a highly collaborative process

Educational Adequacy Studies
Defines the gap between facilities and educational standards through space by space surveys

Facilities Inventory Verification
Verifies existing space is properly documented and coded

Feasibility Studies
Brings together program demand and demographic data to determine parameters for a new campus

New Campus Planning
Defines specific and essential space parameters for a new campus



Comparative Analysis
Identifies how an institution compares against peers and aspirants based on defined criteria

Peer Surveys on Best Practices
Uncovers policies and procedures at comparable institutions through primary research


Academic Planning

Strategic Planning
Defines a vision for institutional academic excellence and serves as a blueprint for the future

Environmental Scanning
Analyzes external factors to provide sufficient time to react to impending changes

Occupational Demand/Workforce Analysis
Investigates occupational demand and the impact of changing population demographics

Career/Guided Pathway Modeling
Maps a student’s educational goals and academic path from high school through college to graduation

Program Gap Analysis
Aligns degree completion and program offerings with market expectations for future occupations

New Program Feasibility Studies
Defines competitive program offerings and their requirements

New Teaching/Learning Strategies
Defines space needs for new trends in teaching pedagogy and learning environments

Demographic and Participation Rate Studies
Examines demographic population trends in post-secondary involvement

Educational Master Planning
Offers a holistic plan to establish future goals and strategies that drive academic and student services needs


Policy Development

Space Policy Recommendations
Proposes policies for space allocation over time